Homestead Hog Harvest Class Taught by Mark Baker from Baker's Green Acres

Homestead Hog Harvest Class Taught by Mark Baker from Baker's Green Acres



Homestead Hog Harvest Class October 29-31.

Join us on beautiful Beaver Island for this unique experiential homesteading skill course! This class is hosted by Flattail Furs, a small homestead with a unique twist. Enjoy learning, hands on, on a working homestead from seasoned farmers Mark and Jill Baker.

Welcome to this class on how to process a hog from oink to ham. This class is designed as an intense introduction for those who want to learn the old time arts of butchering and preserving pork in a low-tech method for home or restaurant use.

You will know how a pig is put together and how to make the basic cuts and products from your pig. You also get to spend a weekend immersed in farm life and can see for yourself how to raise homestead pigs.  Learn from an experienced farmer so you can save time and money on your own food growing or buying enterprise.

Charcuterie is the art and science of preserving meat. Pork is especially suited for this purpose. This is your chance to learn how to process a heritage hog from oink to ham with Mark Baker.

At this hands-on offering on a working homestead and farm, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • *How to feed and care for a hog for optimal charcuterie processing.
  • *How to slaughter a hog on-farm, including scalding and scraping.
  • *How to use seam butchery techniques to turn half a hog into usable pieces.
  • *How to utilize many of the organ meats.
  • *How to make your own lard and sausages.
  • *How to cure your own bacon, hams, and other cuts.

BEAVER ISLAND BONUS: You can sign up for any of the individual days! Cost for an individual day is $170.

  • Friday: How to kill, scald & scrape, eviscerate, and split the hog. Plus how to process the organs.
  • Saturday: How to cut the half into all the cuts. Making broth and rendering lard.
  • Sunday: Charcuterie day! How to make bacon, ham, proscuitto, coppa, and sausage.

Where else can you learn real farming skills on a real working farm from people who are really doing the thing?  There are a lot of advantages to coming to an Anyone Can Farm class besides building fences and raising chickens.  You get to see these skills in the context of a regenerative farm that really works and pick the brains of the people doing it.  No need to reinvent the wheel!

Make your deposit today!

Cost: Total cost is $350 per person and includes:

  • one of a kind, hands on learning opportunities
  • a whole farm experience
  • noon meals on Saturday and Sunday, evening meals on Friday-Sunday
  • a sampling of many of the cuts as we go.
  • BONUS: You get to spend a weekend with Mark Baker and Mark Valente at Flattail Furs.  See how to raise your pigs, ask your questions, learn the ins and outs of what we do so you can save time, money, and effort! 

Please contact Laura at or call 231.448.2545 if you have questions. 

We offer a 10% spouse or family member discount!!

This is only a $150 deposit to secure your position in the class.  The balance is due at the class. THIS IS A NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.